Roto Compounds / Antimicrobial Powder

Microgone™ is silver based antimicrobial polymer compound specially developed for rotational molding applications. This is a ready to use compound has permanent antimicrobial properties. Microgone TM impedes the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors and keeps hygiene.

Why Antimicrobial ?

Consumers are investing in all aspects of hygiene, wellbeing and seeking out products that enhance health, comfort and inner confidence. Plastics are solid polymers and contain a lot of additives. The presence of these additives combined with the moisture present in plastics make them prone to microbial attack leading to degradation, discoloration and formation of destructive biofilm and malodour.


Bacteria growth takes place at rapid pace in presence of moisture,causes odor


Algae gives green spots on surface, requires lights to grow.

How does it works ?

The silver ions within special silicone carrier are dispersed uniformly throughout the polymer matrix. These silver ions create a large “internal” specific surface within the polymer and this creates an extremely high efficiency antimicrobial action. These silver ions are not depleted during the inhibition process, thus the antimicrobial effect of Microgone TM is not diminished over time. These silver ions when come into contact with bacteria acts in three ways


Silent features :-

1. Ready to use compound in powder form for rotational molding.
2. High performance:- excellent antimicrobial efficacy and resistance to algae growth. microgone™ has undergone rigorous labrotary testing under antimicrobial test method JIS Z2801 : 2010. rotmolded specimen was tested by Intertek, which is NABL accrediated international laboratory.
3. Safe : non migrating its safe for food packaging, tested as per EU10/2011 and USFDA /75, 300 hence safe for water storage tanks, food containers etc.
4. Sustainable : low silver loading
• Slow and low silver ion emission
• Bound to plastics through silicone silica matrix
• Non hazardous substances
• Non migration of silver from plastic, hence safe for the environment.
• Silver is inorganic, it does not decompose and release harmful chemicals to the environment during its processing and during the use of the polymer.