Foam Compounds / Foam Powder / Roto Foam Compounds

We offer different formulations for foam compounds depending on the product applications and processing window.
We have three grades –
1. EF -01 : General tank grade
2. EF -02 : Insulated containers ,pallets
3. EF -03 : Underground tanks , Insulated containers

"EasyFoam EF-Ol"


Ready to use LLDPE based foam compound formulated with a blend of Chemical Blowing Agents suitable for rotational moulding.

The grade EasyFoam EF-01 is specially blended to match moulding conditions of Multi Layer Water Storage Tanks.

Advantages :
Insulation : Excellent Insulation Properties.
Light Weight : Higher Stiffness at lower Cost.
Composite Layers : Strong Bonding Between Layers.
Easy Process : Use Existing Equipments.

Applications :
Multi Layer Insulated Tanks, Underground Tanks, Ice Boxes, Pallets, Furniture Products, Marine Products , Fish Boxes, Floats & Structral Products.

Appearance : Yellowish Polymeric Pulverised Powder
Grade : Easyfoam EF-01
Carrier Resin : LLDPE
Properties : Regular Fine Structure
Better Surface Appearance
Direct Doses
Recommended Dosage : 50% to 100% of the weight of foam layer
Recommended Process Temp. : 215 - 230 oC
Packaging : 25 Kg